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Hyakkin:100 Yen Shop

In every corner of Japan, you'll encounter a shopping haven where every item bears a single, irresistible price tag: 100 yen.

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These establishments, affectionately dubbed as 100 yen shops or "hyakkin" (百均), derive their name from "hyakuen kin'itsu" (百円均一), which translates to "everything for 100 yen." Beyond their unbeatable affordability, these stores boast an impressive array of small, practical, and uniquely original items. Beware, though - stepping into one of these stores might just lead you to purchase more than you initially intended, as the allure of their offerings is simply irresistible.

100 Yen shops, a staple of Japanese shopping culture, offer a pocket-friendly experience with a fixed price of ¥100, roughly equivalent to €1 or $1. Since their inception in 1991, these stores have become a beloved destination for both locals and expatriates alike. Their shelves are stocked with an extensive range of products, spanning from kitchen essentials to storage solutions, bathroom necessities, and stationery items.

For tourists seeking authentic souvenirs without breaking the bank, 100 Yen shops present an ideal solution. Here, one can discover an assortment of products that embody the essence of Japanese culture – from traditional chopsticks and elegant Japanese bowls to whimsical gadgets adorned with beloved manga characters. While occasional exceptions may exceed the 100 yen mark, these items are clearly marked and still represent a bargain compared to their regular retail prices.

In Japan, 100 Yen shops have become emblematic

Step into a 100-yen shop, and you'll quickly realize why they've become a cornerstone of Japanese retail culture. True to their name, these stores offer a vast array of products, each priced at a flat rate of 100 yen. From delectable sweets to everyday essentials like kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies, and even the latest gadgets, the options seem endless.

In Japan, these ubiquitous stores are as much a part of the landscape as cherry blossoms in springtime. Whether you're strolling down a bustling city street or meandering through a quiet neighbourhood, you're bound to encounter a 100-yen shop. Their widespread presence speaks volumes about their importance in Japanese daily life, serving as convenient go-to destinations for all manner of needs and desires.


The concept of one-price stores has roots that extend far beyond Japan, with its origins tracing back to North America as early as the late 19th century. However, it was in Japan where this concept truly flourished, thanks to pioneering chains like Daiso. While Daiso is often credited with popularizing the one-price store model in Japan during the early 1990s, it's worth noting that the concept had earlier iterations, such as the "Takashimaya 10¥ Store" from the 1930s.

In addition to Daiso, Japan boasts several other prominent 100-yen shop franchises, including Can Do, Seria, Daikoku, and Flets. Even konbini giant Lawson joined the fray in 2011 with its "Store 100" concept, which acquired the "Shop99" franchise.

Today, thousands of these stores pepper the Japanese landscape, with Daiso alone boasting around two thousand locations nationwide. You'll often find them nestled in bustling areas like railway stations, large shopping arcades, and main avenues, providing convenient access to shoppers from all walks of life. While they're a common sight in urban hubs, they're relatively sparse in tourist areas, making them a hidden gem for savvy travellers seeking authentic shopping experiences.

Products sold in Japanese 100 Yen shops

Picture stepping into a vibrant and well-organized bazaar where every aisle beckons with a plethora of goods, all neatly arranged for your browsing pleasure. While 100 Yen shops boast a wide selection spanning various categories, there's a notable emphasis on kitchen utensils, stationery, and handy tools. From linens to home decor and clothing accessories, these stores cater to a diverse range of needs, often surprising shoppers with their collection of quirky gadgets and novelties.

One particularly practical offering is the famous transparent umbrellas, available at a fraction of the cost compared to elsewhere. As soon as raindrops begin to fall, 100 Yen shops proudly display these umbrellas at their storefronts, offering a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality. Despite their affordable price tag, these umbrellas are often just as sturdy as their pricier counterparts, making them a smart buy for savvy shoppers.

Venture further into these stores, and you might find yourself exploring multiple floors brimming with merchandise. In essence, they're akin to konbini convenience stores, sans the fresh produce. However, it's essential to exercise caution, as some products in 100 Yen shops may be cheaper than those in supermarkets, particularly when it comes to food and drinks.

Despite their bargain prices, the quality of products in 100 Yen shops is generally commendable. However, occasional lapses in durability may occur, reflecting the trade-off between affordability and longevity. Nevertheless, this is often a small price to pay for access to an array of goods that brighten up daily life without breaking the bank.

Discount store customers

The 100 yen shop transcends its reputation as a mere haven for budget-conscious shoppers. Much like konbini convenience stores, these shops operate round the clock, catering to the needs of customers at any hour. Contrary to popular belief, many of the products found in these establishments proudly bear the label "Made in Japan," reflecting a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

For those seeking a quick fix of snacks or beverages, the 100 yen shop proves to be an excellent option. However, its appeal extends far beyond mere refreshments. Here, one can uncover an array of small yet quintessentially Japanese gifts and souvenirs, guaranteed to delight recipients. In tourist hubs, these stores draw a significant number of foreign customers, offering a taste of Japanese culture at an affordable price point.

But perhaps most surprising is the versatility of 100 yen shops, which cater to a diverse clientele. For expatriates newly arrived in Japan, these stores provide a lifeline, offering essential items to furnish their homes without draining their finances. Travellers, too, find these establishments invaluable, stocking up on packing materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, and inexpensive tape for their journey home.

Yet, beyond their practical utility, 100 yen shops serve as treasure troves of inexpensive souvenirs and quirky gifts. From adorable trinkets to charmingly kawaii items, there's something to pique the interest of every shopper. Indeed, these unassuming stores are far more than meets the eye, offering a delightful shopping experience that belies their humble price tags.

Selection of 100 Yen shops not to be missed


Image: TimeOut

At the forefront of the 100 yen store revolution stands the trailblazer: Daiso. With a staggering presence of over 3,000 stores in Japan and an additional 1,900 outlets spanning 26 countries worldwide, Daiso has solidified its position as a global phenomenon. Each hour sees an astounding 23,000 individuals browsing through the aisles of Daiso, a testament to its unparalleled popularity and appeal.

What sets Daiso apart is not just its expansive reach, but also its unparalleled variety. Boasting an impressive inventory of 70,000 different items, Daiso offers an unmatched selection that caters to every whim and fancy. Moreover, the company introduces a remarkable 700 new products each month, ensuring that there's always something fresh and exciting to discover with every visit.

For those seeking an immersive shopping experience, visitors can lose themselves amidst the aisles, indulging in a cultural exploration like no other. With its vast array of products and unbeatable prices, Daiso promises not just a shopping trip, but a journey of discovery and delight.

Can *Do

Image: TimeOut

Enter Can Do, another prominent player in the realm of 100-yen shops, boasting a formidable presence with approximately 1000 stores scattered throughout the Japanese archipelago. This beloved brand has garnered a loyal following, thanks in part to its own signature line, 'Do! STARS,' which includes customer favourites like the microfiber hand towel. With a commitment to offering fresh and exciting merchandise, Can Do refreshes its shelves weekly, ensuring that there's always something new and enticing to discover during each visit.


Image: TimeOut

Seria stands out as a leading contender among 100-yen shop brands, offering a distinctive selection of chic and kawaii (cute) products. From elegant glassware to earthy crockery, this brand elevates the shopping experience with its stylish offerings. Craft enthusiasts will find a plethora of materials and baking utensils to fuel their creativity, while those seeking unique handicrafts will be delighted by the variety on offer.

What sets Seria apart is its attention to detail, evident in the seasonal items that adorn the entrance of each store. Whether it's Christmas decorations, Halloween essentials, or items celebrating Japanese holidays, Seria ensures that every visit is a feast for the senses. From the delicate blooms of cherry blossoms in spring to the fiery hues of maple trees in fall, the store's thematic displays capture the essence of each season, adding a touch of whimsy to the shopping experience.

What can you buy in the 100-yen shop?

The 100-yen shop is a treasure trove of goods, offering a diverse array of products to cater to every need and preference. Regardless of their size, these stores are brimming with possibilities, ensuring that shoppers find something to delight them with every visit.

From consumables like snacks and sweets to everyday essentials, the selection is vast and varied. Peruse the aisles, and you'll discover an assortment of tableware, including cutlery, plates, tea cups, rice bowls, and even sake kits. For the culinary enthusiast, there's a range of kitchen utensils available, from ladles and knives to microwave containers and coffee filters. DIY enthusiasts will find an array of tools to fuel their projects, including hammers, tape measures, cutters, and screwdrivers.

Gardening aficionados will appreciate the selection of vases, mini rakes, watering cans, and other tools to tend to their green spaces. Stationery lovers will be spoiled for choice with an assortment of pens, notepads, writing brushes, and staples. Home accessories such as towels, slippers, socks, and sewing thread add a touch of comfort and style to any living space. Meanwhile, leisure accessories like ping-pong kits, swimming goggles, and English-Japanese dictionaries offer opportunities for relaxation and learning.

With such a wide range of products on offer, the 100-yen shop is more than just a store – it's a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs, where affordability meets convenience and quality.


The secret behind the remarkable quality of items found in 100-yen shops lies in their unique business model. These stores leverage their purchasing power by procuring goods in large quantities at a discounted rate, allowing them to pass on the savings to customers while still turning a profit. Many of these items are sourced from reputable Japanese manufacturers known for their commitment to producing high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Japanese manufacturers employ various strategies to achieve this balance of quality and affordability. They invest in cutting-edge equipment capable of handling large-scale production, ensuring efficiency and consistency in manufacturing processes. Additionally, they optimize their procurement structures to manage a significant volume of raw materials effectively.

Furthermore, manufacturers employ creative distribution methods to reduce costs further. By tailoring product selections to individual store preferences based on sales data, they minimize excess inventory and maximize sales potential. This streamlined approach enables companies to offer customers attractive, high-quality products that align with current trends at unbeatable prices.

As a result, 100-yen shops continue to delight customers with a constant stream of new and appealing merchandise. With their commitment to offering quality, affordability, and relevance, these stores are poised to bring joy to people of all walks of life for years to come.

Ready to dive into the captivating world of Hyakkin: the 100 Yen Shop? Discover a treasure trove of affordable delights, from kitchen essentials to quirky gadgets and charming souvenirs. Step into a realm where quality meets affordability, and every purchase brings a smile. Start your shopping adventure today and experience the joy of finding amazing deals at the Hyakkin: 100 Yen Shop!

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